Frequently Asked Questions

Is the tint legal?
This depends on your city and state's law on window tint. It's essential to do your research and ensure compliance!

Will the tint fade?
Color dyed film will fade over time, as they are intended for short-term use. Each color has a different lifespan. Many of our customers run their tints for 6 months to 1 year at a time with no fading. Our Neo Silver/Nebula Black/ Iolite will give you 2-3 lifespan.

Installation Details

Where does the tint go?
Our film seamlessly installs on the inside of your vehicle.

Is local pickup available?
Unfortunately, local pickup is not available. 

Does Omnique provide installation services?
We do not. Fortunately Omnique tints are very easy to install, so any tint shop is equipped to install our tints.


Order and Shipping Information


Please note that all sales are considered final. We do not offer refunds once an order is placed.

Shipping Schedule

We're actively shipping orders from Monday to Friday from our headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Orders placed over the weekend will be promptly processed on the next business day. After order processing, comprehensive tracking information will be sent to you via text message and email. We do not offer any exchanges of returns after the item has shipped.

Damaged Orders 

Please take photos of the shipping tube and the damaged film, then contact us, so that we can file a claim in order to ship a replacement.

Questions or concerns? Feel free to drop us a line at omniquedesign@gmail.com. We're always here to help!