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Aurora is part of our colorshift line and is a ceramic film that will break your neck if you walk around it! Dichroic films are used to interfere light and change colors from different angles, this gives an almost Iridescent effect when walking around this film. This film can shift many different colors such as Yellow/Green/Blue/Orange

What does it look like from the inside !?!

Aurora just like opal will have crazy colors looking out. Not for the faint of heart! Add black behind to calm down the colors make it look normal.

Aurora Specs: (Ceramic)
VLT (Tint darkness) 20%-60% depends on angle of colorshift
UV Resistance: 60%
IR Resistance 25%

Size chart:

Side windows kit- 20inch x 10feet 

Windshield kit- 35inch x 6feet

Coupe kit- 35inch x 5feet & 20inch x 6feet 

Sedan kit - 35inch x 5feet & 20inch x 10feet 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Terrell H.
Best Tint!

Shipping was fast! After installing I am so happy with how it turned out. Looks exactly as expected.

Benny G.
Looks Perfect!

Love this tint! It looks even better in person, you won't regret getting this.

Colby A.
Wayyyy better than expected!

I was debating on this or Opal and I'm so glad I did. This colorshift goes hard!! Kinda gives fruit roll up vibes lol You wont regret getting this tint, everytime I walk out to my car I can't help but look at it in awe.

Cole W.
Best Chameleon Tint In the Market!

I have been running Omnique for years and constantly recommend it to my friends. I've had prob 3 other colors and wanted something more unique & this is one of the best colors.


Like it

Deitrek V.
if it last long I’ll buy it again plan to

if it last long I’ll give it a 5 start

Great film, was an inch too short

I had this installed on a gen coupe. The roll is not quite tall enough for the rear windshield. Typical tint rolls are usually 36 inches but this only came in at 35 inches. Luckily I have a windshield spoiler to install so it covers the little bit of a gap that we left at the top as well as put a thin vinyl strip on the outside. Other then that the film is great and looks amazing. Best not to layer film on top of it as the regular tint will make the mirror less prominent. The tint by itself is only 60% but with everything tinted its still tough to see in so no fish bowl.


I was sent by a friend with aurora and i had to get it on my windshield this makes everyone break their necks!


i needed something to pop on my s2000 and i found this off tiktok it was the best thing for my build


Tint came damaged to my door. They sent me another kit but took another 3 days. Looks good but waiting was annoying