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IOLITE is part of our colorshift line and is a ceramic film that is our lightest color we offer, but the colorshift will be of blue/purple If you are looking for a Mercedes OEM glass looking window tint this is the closest you will get to looking classy and staying cool with film! 

What does it look like from the inside !?!

Iolite will have a clear view out as if there is no tint. The clearest and cleanest film we offer!

IOLITE Specs: (Ceramic)
VLT (Tint darkness) 80%
UV Resistance: 100%
IR Resistance 92%

Size chart: Windshield kit- 40inch x 6 feet

 Side window kit - 20inch x 10 feet


Color Patterns May Vary. 
Due to manufacturers glass not all colorshift will be the same as other cars