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IOLITE is part of our colorshift line and is a ceramic film that is our lightest color we offer, but the colorshift will be of blue/purple If you are looking for a Mercedes OEM glass looking window tint this is the closest you will get to looking classy and staying cool with film! 

What does it look like from the inside !?!

Iolite will have a clear view out as if there is no tint. The clearest and cleanest film we offer!

IOLITE Specs: (Ceramic)
VLT (Tint darkness) 80%
UV Resistance: 100%
IR Resistance 92%

Size chart: Windshield kit- 40inch x 6 feet

 Side window kit - 20inch x 10 feet


Color Patterns May Vary. 
Due to manufacturers glass not all colorshift will be the same as other cars





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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Joey D.

I waited a couple weeks for this color since its always sold out but so worth it. Its subtle, clean, and i can tell the difference in having this ceramic tint compared to non ceramic tint

Chris T.
Amazing product…A++ Company

I was in the market for color shift tint. After purchasing from 2 other companies and having to file chargebacks from the lack of communication and no shipping, I had almost given up the project. I tried one last time with Omnique. Glad I did. Received the tint within 3 days and it looks incredible

Jesse A.
Great if you don’t want normal tint.

Wanted to get ceramic tint for my mustang to help keep it cooler inside during the summer but did not want to go normal black tint. Went with the ceramic iolite and couldn’t be happier, a noticeable blue tint in the sun and in the shade but is not too loud especially with just iolite and no base tint.


So, I was going for the "high-end" Mercedes looking tint when I purchased this. I must say, I will probably have to put like 50% black tint behind this to really, really achieve that look. I do like it as is but, I really want more of the color to pop. The picture I have posted, is really the only good angle (besides seeing it in person) that you're able to see somewhat of the color. Nonetheless, I've already recommended this film to a few friends and the tint shop that I got the windshield tinted at.

Jay M.
Iolite 80% Windshield Tint

I was trying to get something unique and classy like the Mercedes S class look while still being able to see. The tint is subtle, and you notice the hue at certain angles. Putting a darker layer behind it will surely enhance. I’m content with the quality and how fast my order came (2days). Definitely what I was looking for, for it’s not obnoxious and plus, it’s ceramic!

Edward m.

Love the way it looks and changes color. But notice a great change in heat and glare. Amazing product


Awesome color, was going for the foreign windshield turned out better than thought

John H.

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Gerardo S.
Best Tint!!!

Getting iolite installed was prob one of the best decisions I've made, it makes my car look so upcale. I have people stop to ask what tint I have on my car pretty often since in different lighting it shifts clear to blue.

Abdiel J.