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OPAL is part of our colorshift line and a ceramic film, Its the opposite of our Aurora. Dichroic films are used to interfere light and change colors from different angles, this gives an almost Iridescent effect when walking around this film. This film can change colors similar to our AURORA film but has more blues, the shifting is from Blue/Turquoise/Green/Purple.

What does it look like from the inside !?!

Opal will have a very colorful view looking out as if it’s a kaleidoscope with many colors! Be prepared if you want to make it more tolerable just add a regular black film behind it! 

Opal Specs: (Ceramic)
VLT (Tint darkness) 20%-60% changes with the colorshift 
UV Resistance: 99%
IR Resistance 10%

Size chart:

Side windows kit- 20inch x 10feet 

Windshield kit- 35inch x 6feet

Coupe kit- 35inch x 5feet & 20inch x 6feet 

Sedan kit - 35inch x 5feet & 20inch x 10feet