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Phantom Gold is for the flashy type, We all like gold things... if you are looking a mirror film that isn’t too dark but still has a nice mirror finish this is the color for you.

What does it look like from the inside !?!

Phantom Gold slightly has a gold look but is rather easy to see out of it.

Phantom Gold Specs: (Non ceramic)
VLT (Tint darkness) 20%
UV Resistance: 100%
IR Resistance 85%

Size chart:

Side windows kit- 20inch x 10feet 

Windshield kit- 40inch x 6feet

Coupe kit- 40inch x 5feet & 20inch x 6feet 

Sedan kit - 40inch x 5feet & 20inch x 10feet 

Full kit- 40inch x 10feet & 20inch x 10feet 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Jason T.
Looks Awesome

Looks awesome for that custom look. Easy to work with as well

Patrick S.
Gold tends to fade

Super excited to add this gold tint to my vehicle. 350 and 2 weeks later it's fading super bad. Wish I knew this I would have gone chrome and called it a day. Unfortunately I gotta pay to remove them and pay again for new tint plus install. Let's jus say this was a very expensive mode pics are the day of install vs today 2 weeks tops

Gold tint status

I love me some Omnique tint , no basic here


Great product and came fast

Danny R.
Just get it !!

Gold tint on my car was the best decision, I have gold rims on my G37 and the chrome gold tint was the cherry on top! I love how clean it looks and it looks clear looking out from the inside. It has held up really nice over the past few months, so happy with Omnique

Christian D.
Went smooth

The film installed nicely, and has a good initial appearance. I had about 2' of leftover film. For a film this expensive I would have expected wiggle room for at least 1 redo on a side glass but 🤷‍♂️ on the plus side it installs very nicely and is a forgiving film, and it takes touch up work nicely. Overall I'm happy, the customer is happy, and I would recommend omnique for any other customers in the future but I would probably order an SUV kit in the future to give myself breathing room. Nice film and I'll be tagging omnique on socials 👌

Shannon F.
Nice product

Only disappointment was for the price I paid, the kit was short from me being able to do my windshield as well. Otherwise it would e earned 5 star rating.

Marquis B.
Phantom Gold and nebula black

Looks great but fades pretty quickly compared to other tints. I feel like there should be a warning for people that leave their car outside. This is my 3rd time ordering tint from omnique.


Loving the color, definitely goes hard on my red Z


The Gold is cool looked a little better in photos but super easy to install and see through